Because what could be more delightful than learning the finer points of English grammar and usage with the foundational element of the Internet: the LOLcat?

Start here:  What Are GrammatiCats?

Here are our topics so far.  Please let me know if there's a subject you'd like to see covered (IN KITTIES!!!) or if you'd like to see your cat featured in a future post!

  • GrammatiCats: Pronouns With Comparisons
  • GrammatiCats: Zeugma
  • GrammatiCats: Y'all
  • GrammatiCats: XXIV (and Other Roman Numerals)
  • GrammatiCats: Was and Were
  • GrammatiCats: Voice
  • GrammatiCats: Umlauts
  • GrammatiCats: Tmesis
  • GrammatiCats: Subject and Object Pronouns
  • GrammatiCats: Reign and Rein
  • GrammatiCats: Quotation Marks
  • GrammatiCats: Or and Nor
  • GrammatiCats: Mondegreens and Eggcorns
  • GrammatiCats: Linking Adverbs
  • GrammatiCats: Kicking the Bucket (and Other Idioms)
  • GrammatiCats: Joining Sentences
  • GrammatiCats: Intensifiers
  • GrammatiCats: Hyphens
  • GrammatiCats: Gender
  • GrammatiCats: Fragments
  • GrammatiCats: Ellipses
  • GrammatiCats: Dashes
  • GrammatiCats: Conjunctions
  • GrammatiCats: Bated Breath
  • GrammatiCats: Apostrophes

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    1. What better place for me to post than on a page with cats--I love them! And I loved your presentation yesterday at the Writer's Olympics in Yukon, OK. You are fascinating to watch and completely held my attention, which is difficult to do. My mind is racing with all the information you placed in it. I glanced at your Glasgow notes and they are amazing. I don't have any desire to write fantasy, but I believe you could inspire a writer of any genre. I write mostly non-fiction or realistic fiction about peoples' struggles with the mental and emotional incongruencies of everyday life. I hope to attend Writers in the Field 2019 with my husband, Jim. Thank you so much!