Friday, August 2, 2019

Willamette Writers, Assemble!

Howdy y'all! If you are here at the Willamette Writers Conference this weekend, this post is for you!

Three Useful Things:

1. If you are attending the Conquering the Freshman Fifteen intensive on Sunday afternoon (and you should!), make sure to download, print, and read through both of these first chapters: The Nightingale (first 15) and The Martian (first 15). Please bring them both with you on Sunday!

2. If you would like the slide decks from my weekend presentations (No Mustard on Your Shirt: Spill-Proofing Your Grammar and Style, or Juice Box Hero: Squeezing Plot From Character), sign up here by Sunday and I will send them to you!

3. If you would like a whole-manuscript review of your work in progress, please let me know! I don't advertise that here on my website (because I don't want to work with random internet people!), but I regularly offer this service for Writing Workshops Dallas and on LitReactor - and I would be happy to bring it to you. I will:
  • plug your entire manuscript into my Kindle (complete, partial, or just an outline - whatever you have)
  • binge-read it just like your most excited future readers will - all in one or two sittings
  • call you up for a real-time conversation about your work, your goals, and your next steps for getting there. Think of it like a real-time collaborative developmental edit!
Normally I charge $100 per 10,000 words (or per hour), but since this is the Willamette Writers Conference's 50th anniversary, I will knock that down to $50 per 10,000 words, or per hour. If that sounds good to you, email me - tex at - by Friday, August 9th. (You can send your actual manuscript later on, but I need to save your place before my calendar fills up completely!)

Good? Great! See you conference-side, and remember: this weekend, it's kickass-thirty, and the big hand is on you!

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