Tuesday, March 13, 2018

WORDfest Cometh!

I haven't said much about it lately - but man, I am SO proud of everything WORD - Writers Organizations 'Round Dallas is doing and becoming.

We're up past 30 member organizations now (including the brand-new fantastic writers group at The Published Page Bookshop in Cleburne!), WORDfest is about to smash 400 registrations, and Dana Austin and Michelle ONeal have kindly volunteered to help us bury the bodies for our forensic science / crime scene investigation demo at Writers in the Field: Chapter Two

And if you're going to WORDfest - go check out our updated schedule and exhibitors list right over here. Next weekend is coming up fast, and you do NOT want to miss out!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

One Last Stop on the Campaign Trail

I am worlds beyond proud of Allison tonight.

Tremendously glad to have met so many fantastic people through her campaign.

Incredibly grateful to all of you for supporting us from near and far.

Also exhausted, heartbroken, angry, and *incandescent* with righteous resolve. To the Powers That Be: hold on to your asses, ass-holders. We are smarter than you are slick, fiercer than you are rich, and our generation is going to burn your back-patting soft-money country-club scheme to smoking grassroots ashes.

After we take a couch day.