Thursday, August 17, 2017

Farm to Marvelous

The Tornado Alley Tour has begun!

And you know - there may come a day when I am sick to death of going places, but I don't think I will ever stop being bowled over by the opportunity to be a guest in someone else's life. It is just such a thrill and a treat, y'all - to spend a day living in an alternate timeline, if you will.

Like, I will never be a mother of five living on a 20-acre farm in Texas hill country - but the next best thing is getting to have a sleepover at Bokerah Brumley's place. 

It is just a special kind of magic to wake up to preening ducks outside your bedroom window, have a breakfast of fresh fruit and eggs gathered up just that morning, and then go outside to watch kids playing with plastic lightsabers on the trampoline while turkeys peck and gabble and the dogs supervise from the porch. More than that, it is just so refreshing to be reminded of the value of doing some things the old-fashioned way - whether that's letting the tots play in the dirt, being a full-time professional parent, or DIYing your Sunday dinner. 

So today's shoutout is to my fabulous country ladies - Bokerah and Amber and Lauren, Zetta and Maren and every other fearless farm-to-market-road fort-holder who doesn't brag NEARLY as often as she should about the priceless treasure-garden of a life she has quietly cultivated while people like me were stuck in traffic :) )

Fly that flag proudly, you doughty dames - this town mouse heartily salutes you!

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