Wednesday, April 15, 2015

An Update From the Under-Tubes

Where am I?  What day is it?  Is it time for more fun now?

Well, best guess is, it's Wednesday, I'm somewhere between Piccadilly Circus and Tooting Bec (god, aren't English names just precious?), and the funslaught continues unabated.  It'd take far too long to tell you about it all just now, but here to brighten your day is some bucolic Glaswegian splendor:

The horse says 'neigh'.  The sheep says 'baa.'
The cow says, 'hoaw you - you goin' wide?'
And here are the relevant weekly updates:

WRiTE CLUB is open for submissions until April 30th!  You've heard me blog about this contest before (even offer tips on winning it!), and my enthusiasm has reached a blue-white passion now that I'm one of the judges.  Did I mention that the grand prize is a ticket to DFWcon 2016?  True story - and you KNOW you can't pass up an offer like that.  Go!  Write!  Win!

Also, speaking of happy writey things, the great folks at ApolloCon have asked me on as their 2015 Writers Workshop Coordinator.  I'm so excited to meet all the writers!  I'm gonna get a big tank with colorful plastic tubes and an exercise wheel and put in fresh veg and toilet paper cores for chewing... oh, I can't wait to see them all!  The deadline for entry is likewise April 30th, so if you're going to be in Houston for the con, put your name in the hat and your submission in the mail!

Is it over?  Are you sick of me yet?  No?!  Well that's good, cuz I'm going to be blowing back into town on Friday night - just in time for...

Heeeeell yeeeeeah.  Look at that - they let me headline it!  Sort of!  (And if you know Carmen Goldthwaite, you also know how massively unjust that is - she is AMAZING.)  Anyway, if you're local to DFW and want to meet a whole passel of authors, come to the Hurst Barnes and Noble (same one we have my book-parties at) this Saturday, the 18th - there's going to be children's authors doing storytimes, adult authors signing books, and good times out the yang. 

Anyway, the nice Tube lady is reminding me to collect all my personal belongings, so I'll close here.  If I owe you an email (and I almost certainly do!), be assured that you are a splendid human being whose affections I am earnestly grateful for, and I will hit you back ASAP!

Please mind the gap.

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