Thursday, August 21, 2014

Launchmas Index

Oh, hi there, Internet.  How are you?

As for me, I'm broadcasting from an Undisclosed Location (okay, not really - I'm in Coneland again).  And I'm still too much in the middle of everything to tell you anything about it, but here in the meantime is a master-list of all of last month's fun extracurriculars.  A huge, huge thanks to every one of these folks who hosted me - I couldn't have asked for a better launch, or more generous launchmates. 

(Quick plug for all you writer-types, BTW: the discounted rate for Perfecting Your Prose ends tomorrow.  Sign up, write on, and get ready to rock out!)


The Kingdoms of Evil #66 - Creating Cultures

The Kingdoms of Evil #67 - Tradition and Modernity

The Kingdoms of Evil #68 - Clashing Cultures



The Author Visits (scroll down)

Beth Cato

My Bookish Ways

The Qwillery

GUEST POSTS / ARTICLES - The Story Behind "One Night in Sixes"

TerribleMinds - Five Things I Learned Writing "One Night in Sixes"

The Author Visits - Book Launch Bingo: Debut Author Edition

Whatever / The Big Idea - Arianne 'Tex' Thompson - Positions of Emphasis: the Rhythm of Killer Prose

Dan Koboldt - Finding the Love in One-Star Reviews

Erin M. Hartshorn - The Freshwater Fishmen of Tucumcari, New Mexico

JK Cheney - Something Strange Happened on the Way to the NYT Bestsellers List


The Author Visits



Contest - The "One Night in Sixes" Hashtag Shenanigans Sweepstakes

Book Launch - Barnstorming the Nobles

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