Monday, June 23, 2014

Some Book-Related Realness, and a Request

All right, guys.  As of yesterday, we are at T-1 month to book launch.  And it's kinda hard to write this, because like... although some of you have read some parts of Sixes at some point along the way, the reality is that if your eyeballs are scanning these words, it's almost certainly because we've gotten to know each other somehow - you know, because our relationship started as human-to-human, not author-to-reader.  And it feels weird to take advantage of that personal relationship to ask you to help me push a product (even a product as awesome as this one.)

But I do need your help.  Like really.  I'll explain in a sec, but here in the meantime is a real quick "state of the launch" rundown:

1.  We have not one, but two fantastic final covers!  Is this some sweet action or what?

The US cover is on the left, and the UK one is on the right.  Delicious, no?  (Click either one to embiggen.)

2.  The US edition will be released on July 22nd (a week early!), while the UK edition will be out on July 31st.  Both will be available as paperbacks and in e-book form.

3.  Publisher's Weekly has posted a generous review, and e-ARCs are now available on NetGalley.  Huzzah!

4.  We have the launch party booked!  It will be at the Barnes and Noble in Hurst on August 2nd, at 3:00PM (and you can click for specific directions to the store.)  Huge major thanks to my good buddies Pam and Veena, and Rebellion's killer PR posse for making this happen, and to Kyle for this candid action shot!

It is on, in a manner not dissimilar to Donkey Kong.

As some of y'all already know, it's pre-orders plus the first few weeks' sales that have the biggest impact on a book's success, and the most influence on a bookstore's decision about whether to continue stocking it.  So between July 22nd and August 2nd, I plan to have what I'm going to call The Twelve Days of Launchmas - otherwise known as the biggest, baddest, most relentless promo blitz I can muster.

Did I say 'I'?  I meant 'we'.  Cuz boy, if y'all thought I leaned on you a lot while writing this dang thing, you ain't seen nothing yet.

"I pre-ordered!  I'm ready!  What do I do?"

Awesome sauce!  And thanks so much!  No need to carpet-bomb your social media feed just yet, but here are three things you can do in the short term that would really help me out:

--Let the book-people in your world know that you are ready for SixesThat could mean adding it to your Goodreads list, requesting it from your local library, or asking about it at your favorite bookstore.  The amazing truth is that you can do a lot to create demand, without ever spending a dime.

--If you have connections with any kind of book-friendly media (blog, podcast, radio show, etc.) please let me know!  I've got some cool stuff already lined up, but would love to do more, and be glad to help brainstorm a topic that would interest your crowd.

--If you have access to high-traffic horizontal space - be it at your desk, the swag table at your local convention, or the pamphlet rack at the Android's Dungeon - holler at me, and I'll get you some postcards to put out.  (Hell, get my stuff on a table at DragonCon or SDCC and I'LL put out.)

Whew.  That's all for now, but I'm sure there'll be more soon. And if I haven't said it yet, please ping me if you have any other propositions.  Y'all have been so awesome already, all Facebooking your Amazons and the whole nine yards, and I'm going to owe you even more than I already do.

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  1. Congratulations, Tex! This is so exciting!!!

    1. Thanks, Pam! Thank you for being excited with me (I know you would not break out the triple-exclamation marks for just anyone!)

  2. Added to goodreads, and I'll do something on my blog if you'd like. Not that anyone reads it. :-p

    1. Well hell, let's help each other out! You need traffic, and I need to plaster my name all over town - sounds like a heavenly match to me!

  3. Looks like we can't get a kindle version? Is there another place where we can pre-order electronically?

    1. Not that I've been able to find yet - more's the pity! But for ebooks, I'm pretty sure that ordering on week 1 is just as fabulous as pre-ordering, since it's not likely to affect stocks of physical books. (That's what I'm going to tell myself, anyway!)