Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Announcements

All right, full confession: if I smell like I've had a ripping big weekend, it's because I absolutely did (Also because it's June in Texas, where going out to get the mail leaves you looking like a Gatorade commercial.)  But here while I'm still fun and funky-fresh are all the highlights!

1.  My class at is now live and available for signup!

"Class?" you say?  "What class?  I wasn't informed of a class!"

Oh, shoot - we didn't actually talk about this, did we?

Well, the short story is this: "Punching Up Your Prose" was such a smashing success at DFWcon this year that I've had the enormous fortune of being invited to build and teach its bigger, better brother!  "Perfecting Your Prose" is a six-week online course that covers some of the same topics, but with much more interactivity and in far better detail.  Each week for six weeks, you'll have a fresh set of activities waiting for you - and you can log on anytime during that week to do them.  The class is offered by the amazing folks at the Loft Literary Center, and although it doesn't start until September 15th, they are offering a $15 discount until August 22nd.  So if that sounds even slightly enticing, please do check it out and save your seat!

2.  I did a radio interview and didn't completely embarrass myself!

For real!  Michelle Cornwell-Jordan of IndieReview Behind the Scenes was kind enough to have me on her show on Saturday, even in spite of my indie-challenged credentials - and I didn't cry or barf in my shoes or say even one cuss word!  It was amazing!

New Entertainment Podcasts with IndieReviews Behind The Scenes on BlogTalkRadio

Seriously though - I had a terrific time, and I absolutely love the format of her show.  If you want to help support independent writers and artists, or just want to hear me helplessly bloviating about One Night in Sixes, The Phantom Tollbooth, and my stalker-crush on Julie Murphy, definitely check it out.  Pretty sure the phrase "literary diuretic" worked its way in there too.

(Don't miss Michelle herself, by the way - because where else are you going to get your Thunderkin fix?)

3.  There are even more people who will let me in the door!

And I'm still waiting for details on some of them, but everything so far is up on the Schedule page over there.  Will spotlight them better as they get close, but for now, let me just say that I am like, grievously excited to have been invited to speak to the North Texas RWA.  If you missed "Dialect to Die For" at DFWcon this year or have been meaning to check out RWA in general, please come out with me on September 20th: I've heard tremendously good things about these folks, and just now found out that you can go to two meetings as a guest for free.  For free!  I know, right?!  And here we were told free love was dead!

Okay, that's enough self-aggrandizing for one day.  And seriously, you guys - thanks ALL y'all for helping me get my ball rolling over here.  I feel like I don't say that often or personally enough, but the truth is, I am a lucky, squishy, casually disgusting she-hobbit who has yet to make good on her first 420-page promise, and literally nothing on this whole above list would be happening if you-all hadn't tried me out, talked me up, and cheered me on.  I have no idea how to even begin returning that favor, but God Almighty, I will try.

There was once a boy named Milo who didn't know what to do with himself - not just sometimes, but always.


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    1. Thanks, dudette - I cannot freakin' wait until it's my turn to say the same for you!

  2. Dude! You're amazing! Moreso than I already knew, even! Way to be awesome.

    1. Well, Al, I know you're five years younger, but seriously - way to set an example. ("Note to self... fist goes THROUGH concrete...")

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    1. Thanks, ma'am - and big grats on making it through another school year! (Compared to that, this here is small potatoes!)

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    1. Thanks, Mom! Trying to give the ol' genes a workout!

  5. Signed up, how exciting! Thanks for the posting, I haven't made meetings lately, due to biz travel.

    1. Aw, thanks, ma'am! Glad to know you are still rocking and rolling out there - we have missed you!