Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not Today

You know, I don't tend to get worked up about tragedy on the news.  When I do, I usually feel bad about feeling bad.  (Because I can't feel equally bad about everybody, see.  What right do I have to wail and gnash for all those innocent strangers in Boston today when I didn't hardly bat an eye for all those innocent strangers in Mogadishu yesterday?  It's a sick kind of "hope you brought enough for everyone" hold-over from grade school, I'm sure.)

Regardless, humor's not happening and grammar seems deeply pointless just now.  Please take the five minutes you were planning to spend on this blog and put it towards something you will truly enjoy.  Cat silliness will resume tomorrow.


  1. You touch on a point I hope to bring up after A to Z when revisiting my "I" post. I have this odd distaste when people single out our own tragedies (most times it seems over here), while worldwide others are sending condolences over Boston (Sandy Hook). While we just as you said "didn't hardly bat an eye" at other atrocities overseas (or hell... even here, to be honest).

    Some are not informed, though, as I wasn't about Somalia. And others weren't about stabbings in China during the Sandy Hook shootings.

    It is natural to feel whatever emotions... anger, depression, etc, but I wish people were in a constant state of love and gratitude for everyone everywhere.

    I am kind of going backwards catching up, so I see you are up and at em. Chin up, ole chap!

    1. Y'know dude, this is going to sound weird, but I'm really looking forward to playing blog-pong with you once the A to Z is done and I can go back to talking about things beyond cat memes and grammar. You have Deep Thoughts on a great number of things, and I've enjoyed them immensely over at your place.

      As to this particular thought: yep, you're exactly right. It's probably not that we're a nation of assholes, but we definitely don't have other countries appear in our public consciousness nearly as often as they seem to do with the US.