Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blogging A to Z - Water-Break

In the words of the Great Takei: oh MY.

I know it's Sunday and there's no alphabet post for today, but while we're all toweling off sweat and guzzling G2, I just have to say something. 

When you're up at 3 AM for the fifth night in a row, pasting together cat memes and frantically Googling to find out whether you can, in fact, have an ellipsis before a comma, you start questioning your life choices.  And I've really not done as well as I should in visiting and reciprocating, largely for the same reason.

But I've had SUCH a great time this week, met so many terrific new folks already, and am going to try to get better organized today so that I can be more on top of things going forward.  You guys are just so much fun in a can.

Question, though: how are y'all keeping track of where-all you've visited and posted?  I have an RSS feed for blog posts themselves, but I'm not sure how to keep track of my comments.

(And for the long-time regulars: thanks for your patience through this onslaught of kitty literacy.  Regular posting will resume in May.)

--You guys give the world the greatest gift of all.
--No, the other one.
--Ice cream?
--No, the other one.
--Yes!  The third-greatest gift!


  1. To be honest, trying to visit so many blogs; comment; reply to comments; and check replies to your left comments; all while writing your next entry is exhausting.

    Crap. That may be a usable example of how not to use semi-colons.

    Anyhow, I fail at returning to where I have commented to check on replies to said comment. I'm getting better at it, but it can be brutal. I think I've picked up 15-20 blogs I am attempting to follow along with.

    It may sound bad, but if I haven't received a comment or reply from someone I've visited frequently, I contemplate removing the blog. so far I've only removed some spam blogs or those not participating.

    As for keeping track of where I've been, I kind of start from the bottom of my feed and move up. I try to comment on any posting I read.

    Falling behind a day has been killing me lol Good luck with it all, man! Looking forward to more GrammatiCats!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

    1. Actually, that's a perfect use of semi-colons - just as long as at least one of the items in the list has a comma in it. You're better at this than you give yourself credit for!

      Truthfully, dude, this stuff is knocking me flat, and my posts are only 500-900 words. I have NO IDEA how you manage to write such big luscious posts AND leave actual, thoughtful comments on top of it. I can believe it's wearing you out! (So glad you came back for week 2, though - can't wait to get Crooks up here in all his hefty grandeur!)

    2. Haha good to know :) I just wing it most of the time!

      I was hoping to have a weeks worth of postings prepared, but wasn't able to pull it off. Now I am barely a day ahead. I think I will utilize Sat/Sun to get 3 posts prepped and scheduled. Worries about my I and J posts.

      A handful are doing multiple blogs. Super-kudos to them. I say to hell with that lol

      Wish I had better pics of the bastage, but it is what it is :)

  2. I pre-wrote all my posts because I knew I wouldn't be able to procrastinate, post, and visit other blogs all in one month. Procrastinating takes up a helluva lot of time. Ooh, look, squirrel ...

    1. NOW you tell me!

      No, but seriously: at least now I don't feel bad for not being able to come up with exquisite, mind-bending poetry on a daily basis. I was really wondering how you were doing all that. I'll have to try this out next year!

  3. I've got 3 blogs in the a-z, one had everything pre-scheduled, was 2/3 through on the 2nd, and barely started on the 3rd one. Today should wrap up pre-scheduled posts on the 2nd blog. At the end of blog post I put the number of visits/comments I've made and what number to start with on the linky. You're suppose to visit the first 5 on the link after just keeping going that way. Most days I make more then 5 visits for each blog, but the next day I scroll back, check my note on the blog to see where to start my visits, AND then after doing 5, visit all those that visited me the day before.


    1. Sandy, I cannot even contemplate how you front-loaded not one, not two, but THREE blogs for this event. (I mean, I know only one was 100% pre-written, but still. That's like making 500 school lunches in advance, or making 50 trips to the grocery store to stock up on supplies! That is phenomenal!)

      It sounds like you have a really great system in place, though - I think I'm going to try to get into a routine like that. It's obviously doing great things for your organization!