Friday, February 15, 2013

That New Con Smell

You know what's great about cons?

For the space of a weekend, you can be anyone you want. I see a couple of guys sparring with replica swords or a lady wearing a dress made out of Pokemon cards and I think, "who are you going to be on Monday? Were you my bank teller last week? Did you have to skip a PTA meeting to be here?" Soon the clock will strike midnight and the pumpkin coach will revert to a Honda Civic - but while the party lasts, it's such a thrill to see people the way they want to be seen.

(I think that's where a lot of the down-side comes from too. You know Saturnalia only lasts the space of a weekend, and the rush to hurry and keg-stand all the fun you can guzzle probably puts more than a few people over the socially-acceptable edge.)

For now, it's almost fun-thirty, and the big hand is on ConDFW. Have an excellent weekend, all - I'm off to be a wizard!

Hello? Noble Lumpkin? This here's the Illustrious Potentate.


  1. I so am! Best news: I officially have Rachel Caine's blessing to edit your book. Stay tuned!

  2. Well put, and succinctly. Your mention of Saturnalia made me sit up. Back in high school, I had this amazing Latin teacher who would organize a massive Saturnalia party every year. Rare so see someone mention that ancient revelry.

  3. Haha, thanks, C! If any culture could claim to be the definitive authority on partying, it was the Romans. I still remember this one word, pergraecor, which basically means "to go completely Greek, to have a ball." They packed "hootenanny," "toga party," and "off the chain" all into one perfect verb - who does that?!