Friday, October 5, 2012

Your Brain. Let Me Lick It.

Friends, Romans, netizens... lend me your enthusiasm.

No, really.  I'm about three-fourths of the way through this last great vocational hell-cycle, and it is broiling the joy from my very pores.

So do me this one great favor, and tell me what you're excited about right now. It doesn't need to be big or profound - it can be your favorite new show or your fantasy football team or your level eleventy-five elf-lord space-ranger. Basically, I want to hear about that thing you have to consciously keep yourself from nattering on about, in the most gushing, shameless detail you can muster.  Do this for me - let me taste the sweet nectar of your brain-space - and I shall ask nothing more!

CHEESE, Gromit!


  1. I like Galen Rupp. We saw him in June at the US Olympic trials in Eugene. Best American distance runner since Billy Mills.

    Facebook page here.

    ESPN profile here.

    Olympic coverage here.

  2. I'm excited to unveil the new DFW Writers' Workshop webstie I've been working on. (The one which has started to take over my writing time, but also has been equally satisfying to do...who would have thunk it...)
    I'm also excited to see you tonight. So there.

  3. Okay, it's official - I gotta figure out how to get e-mail comment notifications. So sorry I missed you guys!

    ST: I had never heard of Galen Rupp, but suffice to say, he's got an incredible story (I liked what the ESPN page had to say about Alberto Salazar too - what a winning pair!) It's amazing to me how you can beat all the odds to become the world's absolute best at something, and STILL be virtually unknown to the public at large. I can't even imagine what crossing that finish line must have felt like.

    (Also: WICKED happy birthday! October people are the best!)

  4. Oh, and Brooke - TOTALLY loving the new website. I am going to pimp the hell out of it when you've got it up and running - the organization, the content, the layout is just 1,000 times better than before, and we can so fill that newsfeed with awesome stuff about our members. (I actually went and looked up the other two split-off writing groups after reading the About page - they look nice and all, but we have, like, three thousand percent more professional asskicking happening, and I'm so excited that we're finally showcasing it online!) Please let me know if there's any menial task I can help with - it is such an exciting project!