Thursday, July 12, 2012


I don't know if I've said it lately, but I get SO STOKED when I play with words.  I just... I want to dress them up and put them in the Malibu Barbie playset and make them have hot plastic tongue-sex until they pop out a whole passel of cute cuddly slang-babies.

Anyway, here for the fun of it are ten of my favorite Latin words. Let's bring these back, you guys, seriously.

crapularius - for getting rid of a hangover

demurmuro - to grumble through (e.g., a performance)

edento - to knock the teeth out of

effutuere - to wear out through excessive sex

frustulentus - full of crumbs

intervomere - to throw up amongst

pergraecor - to go completely Greek, to have a ball

rasito - to shave regularly

subinvito - to invite unenthusiastically

vapularis - in for a flogging

Substantive post later this week.  It's the last sprint to the manuscript-submitting finish line, and I am tearing up track.

lucubro (v tr) - to compose at night; (v intr) to burn the midnight oil.


  1. Found you over at Death Writer's place. Great guest post and awesome blog! I'm a new follower :)

  2. Hey, thank you so much for the follow! Getting brand-new Internet pen-pals is like discovering you have superpowers, and no joke. ("I have the phenomenal mutant ability... TO MAKE FRIENDS!")

    Please don't think I'm stalking you if I hop over to your blog too - just the photo from your latest post is enough to pluck a string in my soul!