Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trimming the Fat, round 3

End of week 3!  Delete-o-Meter says:

Here to celebrate are five reasons why trimming the fat from your manuscript beats trying to shrink your own personal flab.

1.  Deleting excess words is way easier than deleting excess donuts.

2.  Butt-in-chair is the solution, not the problem.

3.  Eating does not have a Ctrl+Z function.  (Well, it does, but it's icky and very bad for you.)

4.  No fat person has ever been split into a trilogy.

5.  You can't revert back to a saved copy of your gut. 

Good luck to everyone out there who's working on either front, and remember: just say no to purple prose and pork sweats!

I'm not fat, I'm fluffy.


  1. Press on! Deleting can be hard but you're doing well :) I didn't have to cut so much of my story but I had two switch a large chunk from third to first person. That was difficult.

  2. Haha! Funny post. Carry on. Good luck with your trimming. Some day I will be there doing the same.

  3. Hey, thanks, guys - you make me glad that ego doesn't register on a scale, or I'd have to start trimming that back too!