Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today's Special: Cream of Yesterday

Didn't get to do as much on the career-oriented do-list this week - there was just a monstrous pile of responsibility waiting for me when we got home from Houston - BUT:

--read Dresden Files 3!  Review is over hither:

--went back to writers' workshop and read again, and it worked out just swell: it was a whole different group of people, so I got to read my same piece from last week over again (having fixed a couple of small things in the interim), and this time I did it slowly and without having a nervous aneurysm - to much better effect!  Overall it was much better received, but there was enough continuity in the criticisms from week 1 to week 2 to make it real clear what I need to do with this first bit.  One scene down... only 127 more to read!

--did some homework on the agents attending the writing conference in May, and picked out my top three choices for pitching.  I still don't know much about what the actual pitch itself should be like, but there's time enough to work on that.

I am aiming to put a lot more time into the reading/writing/posting sphere over this upcoming week, though it's hard to know exactly what to do next.  It doesn't make sense to rip back into editing the manuscript just yet, but I would not like to be idle, either.  Maybe the next job should be the language-construction stuff.  I can go bang out a neuter-gender for French regardless of what actual dialogue is going to get used in the book.

Well, the NEXT job is getting out of this chair and going to bed so that I can get up early tomorrow, fix breakfast, go hurry and clean my folks' house, come home, fix lunch, and get my ducks in order before my new class starts tomorrow afternoon.  But thanks for the foray into fantasyland, Internetizens - see you again ASAP!

Holy brillig and slithy toves, Batman.

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