"Tex!" I hear you say.  "You're so fun and cool and devastatingly hilarious - where can I see you?"

Fret not, friends: I am out to paint my town AND yours.  Here's the tour dates so far.  (And if you would like me to come raise a ruckus in your neighborhood, check out my class descriptions (PDF file), or contact me at tex at so we can talk about it!)


DAWG - Cedar Hill, TX - Jan. 10
presenting "The Seven Deadly First-Page Sins" (with Laura Maisano)

DARA - Plano, TX - Jan 28th
presenting "Prose P90X" (with Laura Maisano)

The Writers Path at SMU - Dallas, TX - Feb. 4th
presenting "The Plate Tectonics Theory of Dialogue"

ConDFW - Dallas, TX - Feb. 10-12

North Texas Romance Writers - Colleyville, TX - Feb. 20
presenting "The Plate Tectonics Theory of Dialogue" (Express Edition!)

Benbrook Library - Benbrook, TX - March 21
presenting "The Seven Deadly First-Page Sins"

AggieCon - Bryan, TX - March 24-26

WORDfest - Hurst, TX - April 8th
presenter / chief instigator

Houston Writers Conference - Houston, TX - April 28-30
presenting: "The Comma Sutra"; "The Plate Tectonics Theory of Dialogue"

San Antonio Writers Guild - San Antonio, TX - May 4th
presenting: "The Seven Deadly First-Page Sins"

DFW Writers Conference - Dallas, TX - May 6-7
presenting: "Auntie M's Guide to Greaseless Self-Promotion", "Wait! Before You Hit 'Send'"

Writers Retreat Workshop - San Antonio, TX - May 8 
guest presenter

Comicpalooza - Houston, TX - May 12-14

Willamette Writers, Salem Chapter - Salem, OR - May 17
presenting: "Wait! Before You Hit 'Send'"

Willamette Writers, Mid-Valley Chapter  - Eugene, OR - May 20
presenting: "The Plate Tectonics Theory of Dialogue"

MisCon - Missoula, MT - May 26-29
panelist; writers workshop instructor

Wordcrafters in Eugene - Master Class Retreat - Eugene, OR - June 1-4

Willamette Writers, Portland Chapter - June 6
presenting "Auntie M's Guide to Greaseless Self-Promotion"

Borderlands Books - San Francisco, CA - June 10th
signing w/Carrie Patel and Adam Rakunas

The Last Bookstore - Los Angeles, CA - June 14th
signing w/Carrie Patel

SoonerCon - Oklahoma City, OK - June 23-25

CONvergence - Minneapolis, MN - July 6-9

ArlingCon - Arlington, TX - July 15th
The Writers Path at SMU - Dallas, TX - July 22
presenting: "Wait! Before You Hit 'Send'"

Sisters in Crime North Dallas - Frisco, TX - July 23 
presenting: "The Seven Deadly First-Page Sins"
Willamette Writers Conference - Portland, OR - Aug. 3-6
instructor, topics TBA

Texas High Plains Writers - Amarillo, TX - Aug. 19
presenter; topic TBA

Lubbock, TX - Aug. 20th
presenter; topic TBA 

Writers Family Reunion - Houston, TX - Sept. 9th
presenter; topic TBA

FenCon - Irving, Texas - Sept 22-24

Archon - St Louis, MO - Sept. 29-Aug. 1st 

Wake Up and Write Writers Retreat Workshop - Haverford, PA - Oct. 16-23

Roanoke Writers Conference - Roanoke, TX - Oct. 27-28
presenter; topic TBA
World Fantasy Con - San Antonio, TX - Nov. 2-5

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